Guardsman Wood Preserving Wax 500ml

This product is also available in larger volumes to the trade

Guardsman Wood Preserving Wax 500ml

Performance. Protection. Peace of Mind.


Guardsman wood preserving wax treats your wood to the finest furniture polish. The natural wax cleans, enhances, nourishes and enriches the wood.
Waxing your furniture seals the wood forming a protective layer that maintain’s your furniture’s good looks.
The wax is suitable for use on un-sealed, wax finished wood furniture.


Guardsman wood preserving wax is simply the best natural wax you can buy to protect and preserve your wooden furniture.

Guardsman wood preserving wax contents:

  • 1x 500ml Guardsman Wood Preserving Wax
  • 1x Guardsman Applicator cloth
  • 1x guardsmen Microfibre Cloth
  • Adhesive Felt

Restore the beauty of your wooden furniture!
Guardsman wood preserving wax deeply nourishes un-sealed, wax finished furniture enhancing the original waxes used to produce this material and leaving the surface nourished and beautiful. This technologically advanced product has been developed in conjunction with the most important wooden furniture manufacturers. We recommend using this product every 3-4 weeks, depending on the usage of the item.

Caring for your furniture - Directions for use:
Dust the surface with a clean dry cloth. Apply a thin layer of wax onto the dry clean applicator cloth and apply evenly. For a better shine, polish your furniture with the microfibre cloth.

You should only use specialist cleaning products on your furniture. Do not use general purpose cleaning materials or baby wipes, as they can alter the appearance of the surface of your furniture and damage it.
For external purposes only.
Always use in a well ventilated area, contain flammable contents and read the instructions on the packaging before use.