Frequently asked questions

*Fabric Shield Protect and Fabric Shield Laundry Products only.

What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter at an atomic; supermolecular or molecular cell level.
FabricShield Protect and Fabric Shield Laundry both use advanced nanotechnology to destroy harmful bacteria, germs and viruses instantly, the moment they come into contact with them then creates a protective barrier that lasts up to 90 days or your next laundry wash

How does Fabric Shield’s nanotechnology work?

Fabric Shield acts like a magnet. Negatively charged cells and atoms or micro-organisms of harmful bacteria, germs and viruses are attracted to the positively charged molecular coating of Fabric Shield.
Upon instant contact, the bacterial cell wall is ruptured, killing and preventing cell growth. Fabric Shield creates a safe, anti-microbial barrier to prevent further contamination that lasts up to 90 days per application or in each wash cycle.

Is Fabric Shield environmentally friendly?

Yes, both fabric Shield Protect and Laundry are water based and unlike most specialist cleaning solutions or disinfectants, does not contain bleach or heavy metal liquids.

How quickly does Fabric Shield take to work?

Unlike traditional anti-microbial treatments that can take hours to work and over time and varying conditions, reduces its effectiveness. Fabric Shield Protect is effective immediately upon contact and stays effective for up to 90 days..

Why can’t I use traditional hygiene products on fabrics and leathers or soft furnishings?

Because most traditional cleaning products contain bleach, this will remove the colour and leaves an odour?
Fabric Shield will not harm the material and is odourless..