Bedding Protection

Jun 25, 2020

Bedding Care & Protection

Prolong the life of your bed with our range of bedding protection products.

Create an extra layer of comfort to your bed, with a quality mattress and pillow protectors. Prevent spills and stains ruining your mattress and pillows. Protecting your mattress and pillows is more hygienic, healthier and promotes better sleep and well-being…night after night.
FabricShield offers a range of bedding protection for all sizes of bed, from small singles to super king.
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Mattress Protection

Fitting a mattress protector to your mattress will prolong the life of your mattress, preventing  dust mites; bacteria, mould etc., from developing inside your mattress. Machine washable

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Pillow Protection

Pillow Protectors not only prolong the life of your pillows, but keep them feeling fresh and prevents them bunching, whilst providing allergy relief, cleanliness and protection for a healthier sleep.

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BED Protection

When you need more than a mattress protector. Choose discreet; stain resistant, machine washable and fast drying bed pads and bedding protectors. Capable of absorbing up to 1Litre of liquid,.